10 things to check out at Red Brick Hangar

So when I chose to open at Red Brick Hangar one of the plus points was the fact I would be surrounded by other creatives and interesting stores. The hangar allows me to have a wee place to fill with yarn dreams, in a place where there is still lots to see and do (and eat!) 

So here are my 10 things to do at Red Brick Hangar*

1) Art for the Soul - unique and quirky prints and artwork at great prices! I'm eyeing up a Kurt Cobain print as a reward when I hit my next sales target. You'll be hard pressed to not find any artwork that doesn't float your boat. 

2) Sugar - I run on sherbet spaceships and this is my refuelling station! Packed full of traditional and comforting sugary treats! 

3) With Love from E - bathe yourself in positivity and warmth and visit Linda's slice of calm. Grab some positive mantras or some soul soothing, sweet smelling soaps. 

4) I con Art and Poto Studios - Original artwork with Liverpool at it's heart. Stephen Mahoney's comic book hero series brings a fresh perspective to everyday scouse places & if you're looking for a slice of Liverpool, Charlie's skylines will make you fall in love with this fair city. 

5) Sharky's Band Merch - Love your music on the heavier side - then pop into Sharky's and you will find the largest collection of official band T-shirts and patches in the city. 

 6) Amethyst Ink - Get inked up at the Red Brick Hangar's very own tattoo studio, visit Zino and get a beautiful reminder of your time at the hangar (ok that may not be for everyone! but they're super friendly!)

7) It's all about the Dog - Do you have a four legged friend? Well don't forget about them! Grab a tasty cake, biscuits or a snazzy bandana from It's all about the Dog. 

8) Sarah's Cabinet of Curios - Although Red Brick's neighbour "Red Brick Vintage" houses a lot of interesting finds, I love Sarah's unit. The thought and care taken in the selection of each piece really shows! I love these ceramic animals (my little boy assures me the bird would look lovely in his room!) but can you spy the beautiful cocktail bar in the background!

9) ME! Obviously if you're on this blog, I assume you have an interest in all things wool and yarn, so come and visit me! There are now 4 indie dyers, and a range of commercial British Yarns, so come and have a squish! 

10) Everything else! Seriously there are so many more things to see - Macro Balance, who make yummy food (Halloumi wraps!) and Black Piper create amazing light installations! The British Bearded Baby will help you if you have a beard to care for and you can get your hair cut at Neil's barber shop! You can build a Teddy bear at the Toy Station and Root will help you create an indoor jungle in your home. Eclectic Liverpool are macrame geniuses and Lectric eye emporium have a treasure trove of cult collectables. 

There is even more, so pop on down and have a look around! Want to know what else you can do in the Brewery Village? Well that needs another blog post! There really is that much to do! 

To any of my fellow stall holders I've left out - nothing personal, it's past midnight and i'm knackered - feel free to pop a link in the comments 😉

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