Experiments in colour

Dyeing has begun here at Ovis yarns - with 37 days till launch creating a colourful and woolly world is well underway. To give you a sneak peek at what is to come here are three skeins that came off the drying rack today. 

They've yet to be reskeined, but I'm falling in love with them already! (nb.photos have been taken on a HTC M8)

Swirling through seaweed on Poppy twist, blue, turquoise and green yarn

Swirling through seaweed on Poppy twist.

This is so soft and has a gentle sheen to the yarn that doesn't quite come through on the photo. This skein is destined to become a chunky knit cowl sample for one of our knit kits. But if this knits up the way I think it will, it may have to become a regular colour way!

 Fuchsia dreamtime on Poppy roving

Poppy roving takes colour readily and gives a gentle silken sheen, and it loved these colours. Inspired by my rather large and monstrous Fuchsia plant just outside my studio door, this is a bright and cheerful colour way with a range of red/pink/purple tones. It is the sister to...

Fallen Fuchsia - Archie roving

The brother to the Fuchsia dreamtime colour way -  is a darker more subtle hued yarn. This was dyed in an identical way to it's sister yarn, but due to the contrasting types of fleece used in the yarns base the colours are a lot darker and muted. There is a warmth to this yarn and the mixture of the base also gives a slight overall silvery hue to the colours.

So three yarns to wet your whistles - with many more to come this week, and a new yarn base to introduce you all too as well! Exciting times ahead.

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