Day 9 - let's meet some yarn!

Over the next week, we will be bringing you sneak peaks and previews of the beautiful yarns we have been dyeing up over the past few months. 

Today we will be showcasing our Poppy Roving yarns: Gorgeous, single spun, Blue faced Leicester pencil rovings. These yarns are bright and vibrant, with a lovely sheen and drape. I can't wait to get my personal stash knitted up into a medium weight shawl for the Christmas holidays, these yarns are so soft you want them to be snuggled next to your skin.

Yellow and green hand dyed yarn

Yellow Rattle - inspired by the flowering plant of the same name, this is a sunny and happy yarn, with swirling yellows and greens.

 Green and Blue hand dyed yarn

Nymph - with dreams of nymphs gliding through the sea, their shinning hair drifting through the water. Nymph has blue and green tones, with flecks of a darker blue running through.

Blue hand dyed yarn

Rhapsody in Blue - Inspired by Gershwins musical composition, this yarn will take you on a journey into the depths, with deep blues and bright flashes of cerulean.

Pink, red and purple hand dyed yarn

Fuchsia Dreamtime - Inspired by the colourful flowers growing outside of the dyestudio, this vivid and bright yarn is joyful and surprising - Just like the flowers themselves, with their hidden centres of purple.

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