Day 7 - The darker side of Rovings

Darker but no less beautiful! Our Archie rovings are made from Bluefaced Leicester and Masham wools, giving the yarn a dark marled base to begin with. This makes the shades of dye take a darker overtone compared to the Poppy roving, as the two different wools work with the dyes separately. 

Our Archie roving colourways have been dyed using the same colours as our Poppy rovings, in the same techniques. Using identical methods really allows the unique properties of the wools to shine, as the difference in the resulting colourways is striking, yet complementary. 

Mustard yellow and green hand dyed yarn

Toad Hall - With mustard and yellow overtones and a green hue, this yarn would be Mr Toad of Toad halls go to yarn. He could even make a pair of socks to match his trousers! 

Earthy green and blue hand dyed yarn
Arcadia - A fallen land of plenty, at least that was what I was dreaming about when I dyed up this gem. The gamer in me was musing on the gardens on Bioshock's Rapture, the forest under the sea. The resulting yarn has an earthy green base, with watery blue running through.
Dark blue, grey and cerulean hand dyed yarn
Old man of the sea - The old man of the sea is full of tales, grizzled with greys and shrouded in the deep blue of the sea. This colour way has hidden depths and an aged quality to it. 
Purple, lavender, pink and red hand dyed yarn
Fallen Fuchsia - The darker side of the fuchsia outside the dye studio. When the flower begin to turn and the petals darken. The purples, pinks and reds are more dramatic than it's sister yarn "Fuchsia dreamtime".
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