Day 3 - Big, Bright and Bold

3 Days to go! Well technically as it is so late this Sunday, it is a little less than 3 days, but given the size of my to-do list I prefer to stick to 3 days. Tonight I am introducing our wonderfully chunky and soft Poppy Twist yarns. On a 100% Bluefaced Leicester wool base, sourced and spun completely in the UK (like all of our yarns) these yarns are soft and squishy, yet give a great stitch definition and take up colour readily when we hand dyed them. 

Yellow, orange and red chunky British wool

Solar Flare  - Bright, sunny and warm. This colourway only needs these three words to describe it. This yarn is so warm and inviting when you see it. At first I was unsure how it would work up - but after a quick swatch, it dazzled me with it's warmth.You can see the swatch on our instagram - but here is the yarn unskeined.

Pink, black and purple chunky british yarn

Elephants on parade - At first this colourway didn't have the purple tones running through it. It was an even split between Bright pink and black/grey tones. Alas it was not meant to be, and when I worked a swatch up, each colour pooled horribly either side. In adding the purple tones, and toning down the black, this colourway now works up into a more even and interesting base. I struggled with a name for quite sometime - often I have an inspiration, but with this I was just experimenting with pink (I'm not a naturally pink person). When my husband said it reminded him of the Elephants scene in Dumbo it clicked. Now everytime I look at this yarn the music starts up in my head. 

Green and teal chunky british yarn

Hulk Smash - Originally called "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry" this yarn started with the same emerald base as a (yet to be released) colourway "City of Oz" and took it to all sorts of dark and angry places. Using teal and electric blue tones as well as some forest green for good measure, this is a yarn for anyone who likes vibrant, bright, and leafy colours. 

So these are the first 3 colourways on our Poppy Twist, available to buy from the 30th September. We have more colourways waiting in the wings to show you tomorrow, and we will also be introducing our Archie Aran base - my personal favourite of all the yarns we are releasing! I think if I could only knit with one yarn for the rest of my life it would be our Archie Aran base!

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