Not just knitting - wonderful ways with wool coming soon!

If you follow Ovis Yarns on Social media you would be forgiven for thinking that my sole craft and intrest is knitting. For the past year in particular, everything has been about those two pointy needles. However this couldn’t be further from the truth, I love wool so much, I will try and use it in absolutely anything!

So why has it been all about knitting so far? Well quite simply, ease… I had my little boy last March (he is one today!) and it suddenly became important to be able to quickly discard a WIP and stuff it away. Now some people may have methods and ways of doing this for fibre crafts, but I found that discarded crochet soon unravelled. Weaving? That became unravelled, the tension would be all lost, and on more than one (upsetting) occasion the warps came undone causing a giant tangled mess.

So it just became easier to knit, working on a circular needle (even when not working it the round), meant I could pull my stitches to the middle. Tah dah! No dropped stitches, no unravelling, no giant tangles. So I focused on knitting, which I do love – don’t miss understand. But now I am finding pockets of time to focus on other crafts, and I am really excited to show you all just how versatile and enjoyable our yarns can be.

Chunky crochet bowl with crochet hook, in blue hand dyed British yarn

So from Tuesday 8th March we will be launching our Not just knitting series… A series of blog posts, tutorials, and accompanying craft kits exploring various ways our yarns can be used. I can’t wait to share some of the lovely ideas we have, including felted flowers, and flowing wall hangings!

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