Not just knitting: Fruity crochet bowl recipe

This months update is all about the chunky wools! With four new colour ways on our Poppy Twist, I have been experimenting and playing with creating texture and fun with this soft, chunky wool that just loves yarn.

So it only seemed right that our Not just knitting series kicked off with a project that this yarn is perfect for! A crochet (fruit) bowl - I say fruit, you could store all sorts of goodies in this soft yet sturdy bowl, I've already started on a second to store balls of leftover yarns.

Crochet bowl tutorial - using hand dyed yarn

With this quick recipe, even the most novice dabbler in crochet will be able to whip up a bowl, and if any of the instructions seem confusing or unclear don't hesitate to get in touch. The Poppy twist yarn is perfect as the twist in it gives a great structure and the 100% BFL content means it loves colour. It can even be felted to create a different texture and structure to the bowl. 

So first things first - terminology, despite being taught by my Nanna, who had never even heard that there were differing terminologies, she still managed to teach me "US terms"... So my instructions will be in US terms, rather than UK terms, despite being English, but I'll provide a comparison at the beginning. 

Free Crochet bowl recipe using hand dyed yarn

What you need:

Chunky weight yarn - 100g/55m - Obviously I'd recommend Poppy Twist! 

Size 10mm (N or P size)

Stitches used: 

Ch - Chain stitch

Hdc - Half double crochet (half treble in UK terms)

Sl st - Slip stitch


Row 1:  Create a magic ring, ch3, into the magic ring make 8 Hdc, Sl st into the third chain to join. Pull on the magic loop tail to close the circle tightly.

Row 2:   Ch3, make 2 Hdc into every stitch of the previous round, Sl st into the third chain to join.

Row 3:  Ch3, *Hdc into the 1st stitch, two Hdc into the 2nd stitch* Repeat ** until the end of the round, Sl st into the third chain to join.

Row 4:  Ch3, *Hdc into the 1st and 2nd stitch, two Hdc into the 3rd stitch* Repeat ** until the end of the round, Sl st into the third chain to join.

Row 5:  Ch3, *Hdc into the 1st, 2nd and 3rd stitch, two Hdc into the 4th stitch* Repeat ** until the end of the round, Sl t into the third chain to join.

Row 6:  Ch3, Hdc into every stitch until the end of the round, Sl st into the third chain to join.

Row 7 to 10: Repeat row 6, on last Sl st, chain one and pull tail through the loop and weave in end to finish.

This will make a bowl approx. 15cm across, to finish I rolled down the edge by two rows, to create a sharper edge. To make the bowl smaller just begin row 6 after row 4. To make the bowl deeper just continue to repeat row 6 until you've achieved the depth you want. 

If you are interested in how to make it bigger, let me know and I can work on creating a follow up post detailing the maths behind creating a wider flat bottom for the bowl shape. You could even make giant versions for use as clothes or toy hampers!

Next week on Not just Knitting, there will be a bumper post exploring crochet, wet felting and using a Lucet to create a spring time flower garland - perfect for adorning your home in time for Easter.

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