Not just knitting: Crochet Flower garland

The second in our Not just knitting series is this pretty Flower Garland perfect for brightening your home with springtime blooms! It is simple yet project perfect for a dreary British crafternoon stuck indoors. Using crochet and creating an I-cord with a Lucet it explores multiple techniques that are all suitable for beginners!

Crochet flower garland tutorial, made from hand dyed British yarn

The flower garland tutorial will be in two parts…

Part 1: Creating the flowers

You will need: 20g of DK weight yarn and 4.5mm Crochet hook. I used our Poppy Roving wools, as this also allowed me to wet felt the flowers.

Nb: the pattern uses US terminology

Crochet Flower pattern:

  • Create a magic loop.
  • Ch3 stitches, into the magic loop sc 9 times. Join into the 3rd ch stitch.
  • Ch 3 stitches, join into the second st into the back loop. *Ch3, skip the next st and join into the next stitch through the back loop. Continue to repeat from * until you have 5 “petals”
  • *5 hdc into the first “petal” loop, sc into the centre of the magic loop and pull through. Repeat from * until end.
  • Ch1 and pull through, then weave in the two ends. Pull on the magic loop tail to tighten the centre of the flower.

I found the best number of flowers to create for the garland was 10, which could then be evenly spaced approx. 10 cm apart. To give the flowers a different texture and finish you can also wet felt the flowers.

Crochet flower pattern using hand dyed British wool yarn

To wet felt the flowers:

  • Fill a bowl with warm soppy water.
  • Submerge the flowers
  • Wring out the flowers and agitate them in between your hands or between a towel.
  • Repeat points 2 & 3 until the fibres of the wool have matted and felted together.

These versatile crochet blooms can be used in a variety of ways, not just in your garland – fan of papercraft? These pretty blooms make excellent embellishments on hand made cards or scrapbooks. They can be wet felted and sewn onto clothing and accessories. I even used some to embellish a shopping bag!

Part 2 – creating an I-cord stem using a Lucet – coming tomorrow at 6pm BST

Flower Garland craft kits using hand dyed yarns, crochet and a lucet

If you would like to try making a Flower Garland of your own, we have some kits available to buy: here

If you would like to create your own garland from scratch, all the materials and instructions are included in our Craft Kit. 

Not sure you want to crochet your own flowers, but would still like to create your own garland? Well we have kits that include 10 flowers and an I-cord stem instead of the materials to make them, just select Quick kit, from the options here.

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