July Clubs - Food and Rebels

July's blanket club was inspired by my love of frozen milk when the sun starts to shine. With each colour way taking inspiration from a different Ice cream flavour. My dye apprentice helped whittle down the many flavours of ice cream that exist. 

Vanilla - (my fave) Yellow with brown speckles. 

Chocolate chip - Browns

Mint choc chip - Browns/Teals

Bubblegum - Blues/Pinks

Raspberry ripple - Pinks

 A collection of 5 hand dyed mini skeins themed on ice cream

Anyone who knows me knows I am a huge Star Wars fan, and during lockdown we made use of Disney+ to re-watch Star Wars Rebels with the dye apprentice. His favourite character is Hera, while i'm all about Sabine! 

Hera - Yellow/green

Kanan - Purple/Green

Sabine - Orange/yellow

Esra - Orange

Zeb - Pale blue/grey

Set of 5 hand dyed mini skeins themed on Star Wars Rebels

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