June Clubs - Here comes Summer!

The theme for June's blanket clubs was Summer Solstice - As the month moved towards the longest day of the year, I decided to draw inspiration for the ways people celebrate and mark the day. Personally I like to visit water, so "Worship at the Water" is my colour... There is also "The waiting stones" inspired by Stonehenge and the various circles of stones across the UK and Ireland. 

Colour ways*

The longest day - Yellows

As the sun sets - Orange

Worship at the Water - Turqouise

The waiting stones - Blues/Greys

The night closes in  - Dark blues

Two sets of mini skeins in bright colours

The Geek minis theme for June was inspired by one of my favourite game franchises and the Super Mario 64 emulator I have been playing. 

It's me Mario - Red/Blue/White

Toad - Reds

Bowser - Yellow/Red/Green

Koopa - Green//Yellow

Princess Peach - Pink/Yellow

*The names of the colour ways may vary slightly - This blog post has been written in Sep20, and I only have my original notes to go on - if you have a copy of the original labels please let me know which variants of the names I went with!

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