My Fat knitted wardrobe - part 3 - I discover I'm a jumper person.

This blog post has been two weeks in the making… and it took me a while to realise why. Then last night when I was looking over the pictures I’d taken to accompany it I realised… it’s because I have a love/hate relationship with THIS sweater. By “this” I mean this particular item, not the pattern itself, or even the finished object, but the item I have made and how I feel at the moment when I wear it.

Lets go back to spring 2019 when I cast it on… As I talked about on my last blog post, I frogged the Vertebrae cardigan in frustration and upset feelings, I looked around at other options and even bought a couple of cardigan patterns, then I saw a post by The Corner of Craft on Instagram and she was showing a jumper pattern off and it caught my eye.

Now this was unusual for me, because I did not wear jumpers. I had always associated jumpers with the huge baggy monstrosities I owned in my teens. The thick lilac acrylic, long sleeved, with thick chunky cables that made me feel 5x bigger than my peers also restricted like a pig in a blanket at the same time. The entire decade of my 20s was spent avoiding Jumpers in favour of cardigans and a frozen chest (because even the best fitted of my cardigans doesn’t stay buttoned for long!) so I had always discounted jumper patterns.

The jumper in question that caught my eye was the Boardwalk Sweater by Amy Appel – A cropped jumper with horizontal purl stripes in a contrast colour. I cast it on in June 2019 and I finished it at the end of August just in time for Perth Yarn Fest 2019. I loved the pattern, it was clear, top down, the shaping was straight forward and after the first few pattern repeats it was an excellent evening project.

selfie of Becky - Ovis Yarns wearing a hand knit cropped jumper - Boardwalk Blouse

(Excuse the paint splashed hallway mirror!)

Project review:

Pattern: Boardwalk Blouse by Amy Appel

Size range: 30” – 54” 76cm – 136cm

Size knitted: 2xl 50” bust with 2” negative ease

Yarn: 2 x 100g skeins of Doulton Border Leicester 4ply in Semerwater and 1 100g skein of old hand dyed merino from stash.

Needle: 3.25mm

The finished garment:

The fit is really good, especially around the bust. If I was to knit another one for personal preference I’d probably do a few extra rows on the neckline so it sits flush, and I’d make the ribbed hem a little deeper. The pattern itself was clear and easy to follow.

When it was finished, I was a jumper convert, in particular a cropped jumper convert. I live pretty much in dresses and snag tights, and cropped jumpers fit into my wardrobe and fill a gap I hadn’t even realised existed. So why a love/hate relationship I mentioned above? I have nothing negative to say about the pattern and the jumper not only fits but converted me to wearing jumpers! The problem is all in my own head… in the first post of this series I talked about how being fat is something I just am, that it doesn’t bother me and that is still true. I don’t get bothered by my stomach rolls or that photos can sometimes give me a few chins. However I do have things about my body that I do dislike, my wide shoulders (which are in proportion to my body, I know that, but the way we view our own bodies is a very complex thing) and at certain times this jumper seems to scream at me “look at this, look how huge and wide these are, don’t you look like an upside down triangle”.

I will always love this jumper as my first “proper” garment I’ve knitted, and I do wear it from time to time… but by the time I got to Perth Yarn Fest I’d fallen in love with my next garment pattern…

Next Sunday: “Magpies should live in groups”

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