Weekly notes 11: Wool Week is here! Let's celebrate British wool.

Last week:

* Busy busy busy - I have been dyeing, knitting, weaving, doing behind the scenes admin. I was so busy that I neglected social media and the blog for a whole week. I'm one of those people who, once i'm "in the zone", just forgets to share what it happening. Which is a shame because I know how much you all love photos of bright and beautiful wool. 

* Our limited edition "The nightmare before Christmas" launched! There are only 4 left!! I've been blown away by how much people have loved them. These are actually going to be the first of a range of Limited edition sets of mini skeins that come with matching extras. So keep our eyes peeled for our Christmas themed ones at the end of November.

* Our yarns are now nestled at The Good Wool Shop in Formby for this week. I am so excited about this, and very grateful to Isabel at the store for inviting us to join them in their Wool Week celebrations. There is a huge (for us!) selection of yarn available, and lots of new colour ways in our Poppy Sock and Poppy Twist bases. It is definitely worth a visit if you're in the area, and they also have other events on this week, including a Fleece to Fibre workshop on Sunday and 10% off all British Wool (there is WYS BFL roving!!). 


The week ahead:

* Tomorrow we will be rocking up at the Capitol Building in Liverpool with our Woolly wares for Teeny Tiny Shinies market - it runs from 11am - 2.30pm so is perfect for you to drop in on your lunch and peruse some wonderful stalls and get started on Christmas shopping!

* Today our NeNe Shawl is available for free download - it will be free until the end of Wool Week. It has been fully tech-edited and test knitted, so grab it now. It uses roughly 150g of 4ply weight yarn. 

* On Wednesday we will be launching our Wensleydale base, I am in love with the base and my mum has requested I make her a shawl from it - when dyed it just soaks up the colour in warm rich tones. We will have 4 colour ways available for pre-order and mini skein kits available immediately... again if you want a sneak peek and to grab some there are skeins available at The Good Wool Shop now!

* On Friday I am giving a Free talk, "Yarn+Colour=Magic" for The Good Wool Shop at Holy Trinity Church lounge in Formby , if you'd like to hear about how I choose which yarn bases and colour to use and how I dye then pop along... There will be little goody bags for all who attend (just to bribe you after you've listened to me rabbit on!) 

So there is quite a busy week ahead - Hopefully an enjoyable and successful one too. A lot of our events are local to us, so if you are not local, don't worry we will have lots more things happening on-line in the run up to Christmas as well! 

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