Weekly notes 4: August is here, 3 weeks to go.

Week 4:

* Our small wooden loom kits have proved very popular! So popular they have sold out. I've got some more in production, so hopefully I'll have some available at the PopUp Wool show and then on the site after. But there are still a few hand-held mini looms available - these really are ingenious and great for children to start learning on. 

* NeNe shawl is finally complete and blocked, all I have to do is arrange a photo shoot and then the pattern will be released!

* Designer bootcamp - I didn't end up blogging about this as after playing about with yarn choices, I decided to follow my gut and work on (another) shawl. This time it will be a large DK shawl with chevrons. 

* All the BFL - I've dyed a lot of BFL poppy roving one of my favourite bases, in preparation for the PopUp Wool show. It would appear i'm in a rather semi-solid mood, looking at these sneak peaks. All of the yarn dyed for the wool show will be uploaded to the site at the end of August. 

The week ahead:

I'm going to be working on my stitch samples and gauge swatches for the Designer Bootcamp shawl. I will also be prepping some skeins of Archie DK to make the final sample up in. I've been thinking about using a mustard shade contrasted with a deep navy - what do you think?

*  The Woven Beanie sample needs finishing a blocking - I've decided to do photo shoots for 4 patterns at once to save on time. 

* Sock yarn - dye all the sock yarn!!!! 

* Stitch markers, I've never made these to sell before, but I have been sending them as little gifts when people order. Some people have expressed a wish to be able to buy them as a stand alone item, so I will be making some up ready for the markets I have coming up, and also for The Creative Studio. 

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