Weekly notes 5: Great things happen when you least expect!

Week 5: 

* The best news this week is that Mr Ovis Yarns has found a new job (he had been made redundant, we've spent all weekend celebrating!) the past month has been quite stressful as savings dwindled, and it did look as if Ovis Yarns might have to be scaled back to a part time operation. Now we know this isn't the case we can go full steam ahead with the original plans we have for the last quarter of the year. These include more weaving loom kits, workshops, and new bases.

* All the new colour ways have been dyed for the stall at the Pop wool show next week. Prep is all very much now in the "finishing & packing" stages. There are some gorgeous colour ways, like these three: On our Poppy Roving base, these are: L-R Golden Fleece, Kids of Today, and Deep Well. 

It was hard to capture in the sunshine this afternoon, but Kids of Today has orange, white and neon pink speckles and Deep Well has turquoise speckles. I'm in love with the way the three bounce of each other. 

* There has also been lots of dyeing or different unusual yarn bases, including some British Bluefaced Leicester boucle yarn. These will be used as mini and midi skeins for weaving kits. We do now have more wooden looms in stock, but given I don't think I will be able to get more made before the show next week, they will not be back on the site until after the PopUp Wool Show. 

The week ahead: 

* Lots of making, the Designer boot camp swatch is finished and the yarn for the full sized sample is dyed and drying as I type. So I shall be drafting up the pattern and casting on the sample. I'm really excited about this design, and our Archie DK wool is heavenly to knit with, it's as soft as butter. 

* I'm working on some sample weaves to display next week, I picked up some lovely driftwood on our holiday to the Isle of Man earlier this year, and hanging the weaving from them really finish the pieces off perfectly. 

* Take all the photos! To ensure any new stock remaining after the PopUp wool show can be uploaded onto the site as quickly as possible, I need to take all of the photos this week. It's a long process and one I probably enjoy the least (after marketing or talking about myself, ha!) but needs must. If I'm honest this week is going to be mainly admin, with some knitting/weaving on the side to keep me sane! 


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