Weekly notes 6: The one where I've sat in front of the computer way too much.

Week 6:

* As predicted, admin heavy - creating listings (in advance) photographing, creating labels, skein dry skeins, making packaging... It has been a long week. One where a business highlight has been the delivery of a rotating display stand! 

* I have as mentioned last week kept myself happy by creating and weaving - I've made two Wall hangings and they're lovely. Now I just need to decide where to hang them! I really like how the driftwood has worked to hang them from as well. 

* Stock taking - lots of stock taking for The PopUp Wool show on the Wirral this weekend. I'm starting to get a mixture of nervous and excited!

This week:

* The PopUp Wool show is this Saturday! But we will also be getting ready for Creation at Crosby Lakeside Adventure next week as well. We didn't do any shows or fairs in July, and I've really missed them! We've got lots of new colour ways, including these lovely skeins of British BFL sock yarn. 

* We will have a range of lino printed project bags available at our fairs from this weekend on wards. I just have to print 50-odd over the next few days!

* The pattern from the Designer Bootcamp challenge is coming along nicely. This week it is all about working on knitting up the sample. I've been able to get in some long stints of knitting time over the weekend, so I think I will be able to get this knitted up in no time at all. 


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