Weekly notes: Week 2 - Designer Bootcamp and prep for the PopUp Wool show

Week 2: 

* New stock has been placed out at The Creative Studio, in Southport - including new exclusive Mini Skein sets, new Weaving kits using our hand held mini looms, and as promised exceptionally soft Alpaca/Wool 4ply Sock yarn. 

* Our new small looms arrived and I have been testing them out - so far I am very impressed. The plan is to arrange and launch workshops  in the Merseyside area in the Autumn.

The week ahead:

* Rainbow mini skein sets - which have been our most popular product by far - will be back in stock both on the website and on Etsy by the weekend. 

* New Weaving kits will also be uploaded at the weekend, including a new Wensleydale rainbow set. 

* Prep for the Pop up Wool show is well underway, with several new colour ways and also some old favourites - if there is anything you'd like to see let us know!

* Designer Bootcamp by Joeli Creates starts today - I'm taking part because I have so many Ideas but I often struggle to find time to prioritise them against the commitments of the dyeing side of Ovis Yarns. I'm hoping by taking part it will help me find the best ways to work to get ideas into production and designs out to you all more efficiently. 

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