Why I love mini skeins - a blanket obsession - The Blanket Feeder club

I love minis - they allow me to use maximum colour in small amounts, without being overwhelming. See I love colour, I love creating with it, looking at it, watching colours play through my fingers as I knit stitches or loop with a hook... Mini skeins and creating mini skein sets allows me to use all the colours, in as many ways possible... They also enable me to work on my favourite projects - blankets!

A range of multicoloured hand crafted blankets and a knitted cushion in bright rainbow colours

My love affair with blankets started back in 2012 when I was battling infertility and wanting to hope for the future. I started using scraps of special yarns to make crochet flowers, bordered in white hexagons. Blanket making has seen me through good times and bad... 

Last year the world was turned on it's head with the pandemic, and again I found solace and support in creating blankets - I began to share this through the blanket starter kits - so others could begin creating their own beautiful and colourful blankets. Then, like the sour dough starters everyone seemed to be feeding...(unless like me your gut wouldn't appreciate it!) I created the Blanket Feeder club to feed your scrappy blankets. 

5 multi coloured mini skeins of hand dyed wool bordered by two works in progress blankets, one knitted, one crochet

The blanket feeder club is a monthly delivery of 5 x 10g minis dyed in a cohesive set... there is no particular theme month to month, sometimes I am inspired by the seasons, sometimes a song... I like it like this - it is freeing to just be able to find inspiration and hit the dye pots as my whims take me. 

The club errs to the side of variegated colour ways, and they work up especially lovely in both knit and crochet form. Personally I've spent 2020 and 2021 working up a large double size crochet blanket in DK yarn, and my plan is to start a new crochet blanket in 2022 in a patchwork style with my DK minis. I also use 4ply versions of the minis to grow my NorthEasterly 4ply blanket, because why make one blanket when you can make several?!?   

I blogged here last year about my 10 favourite scrappy blanket patterns... but minis don't have to just be used for blankets - so I'll be blogging later this week about my other fave options for using minis! 

To join the blanket feeder club - monthly and block subscriptions here - 

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