Woolly news - Week 2 - Where nothing much happens

This week woolly news will be slightly shorter than last week – mainly because this coming week will be taken up by a wholesale order from Wool on the Exe and an assignment for my OU degree.

I’m studying for an engineering degree in Design and Innovation – and this is my final year, so it is pretty important that I knuckle down.

Works in progress

  • The same as last week – I’ve mainly been concentrating on finishing my test knit. I have finished my scrappy jumper which just needs the ends weaving in and then a block. Hopefully I will have found time to do that before next week!
  • I do need to do something with this 200g ball of purple chunky beauty – I’m torn between a cowl or seeing if I can stretch out a scarf… Frey is also angling for yet another hat (he has 10 already!) – Also how beautiful is this set of dice I got in my bath bomb from Geeky Clean this morning?

Purple super chunky hand dyed yarn with custom purple and sky blue dice

Woolly news:

  • Creating a co-working space in the house has been fairly successful – I’m currently sat at the desk right now. The flip side of sorting out all of my in-stock yarn last week was realizing how low I was on some colour ways. So the start of this week has been spent dyeing up old faves like “Emotion sickness” and “Girl all the Bad guys want”
  • Clubs are all dyed up for this month and will ship at the end of the week! I know I gush each month on-line about how much I love each months colour ways… but honestly, Blanket feeder club this month… it’s just me right now in a mini set!
  • Speaking of the mini clubs – if you want to purchase a block subscription (or maybe ask for one as a gift… ) the listings for 2022 are now live.

So that is my less than thrilling post for the week, haha, but I promise next week will be much more exciting – including a bit more info on 2022, and also the end of the month update!

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