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So it has been over 3 months now since I opened the gates to my small slice of yarn heaven in Red Brick Hangar in Liverpool. There have been highs; the amazing opening day, busy Saturdays with people popping in for a knit and chat. There have been lows; July has been (expectedly) quiet and dealing with copycats. But it is becoming what I was striving to create, a place for those who love yarn, and creating with yarn in Liverpool. A place to learn new skills and explore new crafts. 

But now it is time to take the next step - It has become clear that a designated workshop space, and space to sit and craft and chat is what is needed. So now I'm sitting down, doing the sums, making plans and figuring out the next steps to create a space that is welcoming, warm, and filled with creativity. 

A big part of that is a bursting workshop rota, starting this August - have a workshop request? Drop me an e-mail here and let me know. See a workshop that you love the look of, but can't make that date or day? Get in touch, myself and the workshop tutors are happy to try and find a day that suits!

So who are the tutors - and why should you book on to the workshops? 

Becky of Ovis Yarns

I'm the face behind Ovis Yarns - but if you're on this blog... you probably know that already! I have been knitting and crocheting for over 10 years, dyeing for 5, and weaving for 4 years. I've have been designing and releasing knitting patterns for the past 3 years, and this September I am releasing my first collection of patterns. For the past 2 years I have been sharing my dyeing, weaving and knitting knowledge - I believe that the best way to learn and fall in love with a craft is to use the best tools possible! So all workshops come with kits of high quality yarns, needles, dyes, and notions. I teach beginners knitting workshops, tapestry weaving, yarn dyeing, giant knitting, and abstract needle felting. 

Myra of Knitwise

I said on instagram the other week that I believe you should learn from a master not an apprentice - and this is where Myra comes in. Myra has over a decade of teaching experience in the yarn industry (and before that was an actual teacher)- knitting or crochet - there isn't a technique she does not know! If you have ever been told you wouldn't make a knitter or crocheter, Myra can fill you with confidence and help you succeed in becoming the crafter you want to be. Myra will be teaching the intermediate knitting workshops - Sock knitting over 3 weeks or single day courses, and Fair Isle using high quality Shetland wools. Myra is also the crochet guru - 5 week courses to take you from chains, to filet crochet, or one off courses tackling modern crochet design and techniques. 

Cathy of LazyKate Textiles

Cathy is a technical genius - embroider, spinner, weaver and dyer - if you want to know how to spin your own yarn, or learn to weave a beautiful scarf that looks like it came from John Lewis - Cathy is the tutor you need. Cathy has been working in the fibre and yarn industry for over 10 years - and she teaches all over the country - how lucky are we that she is so local! She has a huge collection of top notch looms and wheels for you to explore, and create the most beautiful, subtle and wearable colour palettes. Cathy will be leading workshops in Spinning and Ridged heddle loom weaving - and they can be booked directly though her > here <

So we are the regular tutors who will be leading the majority of the workshops in Ovis Yarns. But for those of you who are already amazing crafters, once there is a designated and permanent workshop space, I will be looking to run one off events with designers, dyers and industry experts - to bring those one off workshops that are special events you remember. I will also be organising socials for a range of crafts. 

It goes without saying that for us at Ovis Yarns, it is important that your experience is a positive one, and that you get the follow on support and community you deserve. We keep our groups small, never more than 6, so we can focus our attention on you. We give you the best quality materials and tools to use in all our workshops. This means you enjoy and love which ever craft you chose to explore. 


  • Would be interested in joining your next beginners workshop. Please let me know the dates.

    Thanking you

    Ritha Mangarai
  • I am interested in knitting tutorials or lessons. Are these still available Jan 2020

    Elizabeth Weaver

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