12 Days of Geekmas - Single payment

12 Days of Geekmas - Single payment

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Embrace your inner Geek this Christmas time, and let me bring you 12 wonderful yarny gifts on each of the 12 days running up to December 25th!

Each day will bring you a mini skein, an additional themed treat and each day's theme will be completely different. I PROMISE. No two days will be similar and no two days will be boring. But all days will work together beautifully. 

This will truly be a Christmas treat. Available on a standard or luxury base, either way your yarn is going to be soft and bursting with colour.

But why only 12 days you ask? Well I thought long and hard and I honestly struggled to think of an original idea for 25 different skeins and gifts for each single day. I want you to have a completely different surprise every day! I want to give you that little bit extra every day, because you are worth it! I don't want to compromise and I don't want to resort to giving you a red and white striped skein because - Christmas -

So 12 days it is, 12 days of awesome Geekness pulling ideas from the realms of Movies, TV and a gaming franchise*

* No colour ways or gifts from the Geek Minis Club or Geekmas 2017 will be repeated. 

***New for 2018***

Geekmas 2018 is launching earlier and this means that it can be bigger and better - should you want it!  Now available in 20g skeins, and on a luxury Bluefaced Leicester/Silk base (NOW SOLD OUT).  Postage is included.

*** Boxes will ship on the 16th October 2018 ***