About Ovis Yarns

Love colour? Love wool? Love supporting a national industry?

At Ovis Yarns we use British wool yarns as a blank canvas to create colourful contemporary yarns. Each skein is individually hand dyed, creating a piece of art in yarn form. 

We only use wool that is from UK farms and processed and spun solely in the UK. It is important to support an industry that was once at the heart of the UK, while we also try and support small family run mills where we can.

In 2017 we also aim to promote and supply yarns and fibre that has come from rare breed species of sheep, direct from the farms, that will be prepared for spinning or hand spun into gorgeous yarns.

Ovis Yarns also create and distribute contemporary, simple and fresh knitting patterns and weaving kits to promote and showcase our yarns.


Who is behind Ovis Yarns?    

Becky - Owner and Indie dyer at www.ovisyarns.co.uk

Passionate about knowing where yarn is from, Ovis Yarns was founded in 2015 by myself, Becky Pennington, an avid knitter, abstract artist, and former zoologist & museum monkey. 

Having learnt to knit in my teens, I soon discovered a real passion for all things yarn, picking up both knitting needles and crochet hooks in 2007 alongside my paint brushes (I was creating and selling Abstract Art work to fund my studies).

Then I was inspired back in 2013 by my brother's conservation business, I began pondering the provenance of the yarns I use. I’ve always tried to support small businesses and indie dyers, but I found it was sometimes difficult to find out the provenance of the yarns or fibres used in the bright and interesting yarns I loved to work with. Even more shocking to me was that a large proportion of UK Wool is shipped around the globe to be processed, only to find its way back on to the UK market.

I began hand dyeing yarns 3 years ago for personal use, wanting to recreate my abstract artwork in yarn form. I also started spinning my own yarn, and weaving. Basically if I can create something with fibre I will! 

In 2014 poor health, voluntary redundancy, a (longed for) pregnancy and the (sudden) loss of a dear relative suddenly combined, this gave me the reason, drive and opportunity to build my passions for colourful, bright and ethical wools into a business. 

I am sometimes helped in the dye studio by my husband - if you buy a colour way named after a mythical creature - he is responsible for developing and creating it!

Love colour? Love wool? Love supporting a national industry?

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