About Ovis Yarns

Bright – Bold – British wool

It is what I, Becky, am passionate about here at Ovis Yarns. I don’t believe that fabulous abstract colour and local wool should be mutually exclusive.

That is why every hand-dyed yarn I create is made from British wool and completely processed within the UK. I use the highest quality acid dyes, and a range of techniques to create a work of art on each skein. I find inspiration all around me, from the amazing architecture of my home city, to days spent with Iron men on the beach, from my love of 90s grunge bands, to all the films and books I geek out on… colour is everywhere!

In April 2018 – I took my love of amazing yarns, and a drive to create a local yarn community in my home of Liverpool and opened a store – Ovis Yarns – at Red Brick Hangar in Liverpool’s new creative market in the Baltic Triangle. Stocking UK indie dyers, local artisans and commercial yarns not available elsewhere in the city, as well as notions and accessories for yarn lovers – I hope to create a welcoming hub for all yarn lovers.


Who is behind Ovis Yarns?    

Becky - Owner and Indie dyer at www.ovisyarns.co.uk

Becky Pennington

Avid knitter, abstract artist, and former zoologist & museum monkey, I first mixed dye and splashed it on to wool back in 2012… I’d previously created and sold large Abstract oil paintings (those big canvases you see in cookie cutter offices – yeah them!) but as I became more and more obsessed with knitting, I decided I wanted to knit how I painted – so I began dyeing…

Fast forward to 2015 and I found myself unemployed, with a new baby, a new house, and an unexpected inheritance… so I decided to scale up production from “dyeing for myself” to “dyeing for others”… the rest, as people always say, is history. I use British wool, as I believe it is important to support British famers (my brother is one) and manufacturing.

Outside of Ovis Yarns, I knit, crochet and weave – I design single skein knitting patterns for people as impatient as me. I watch a lot of TV shows, films, and read trashy fantasy novels (always with elves – is it even a trashy fantasy if there is no magical elf?). I play platform video games, loose hours of my life to Minecraft, and play board games with my friends. Outside of knitting, it would seem I am a 17-year-old nerd trapped in a 31 year old busty wife and mother.

Also because life didn’t seem busy enough… I am also studying for a degree in Design and Environmental sciences with the Open University.

I am sometimes helped in the dye studio by my husband - if you buy a colour way named after a mythical creature - he is responsible for developing and creating it!

Love colour? Love wool? Love supporting a national industry?

Then find us on Social Media and join us in the love of wool!

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