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Why only wool?

Personally we love all yarn and fibre here at Ovis yarns! My stash is full of silk, mohair and alpaca blends. However my aim at Ovis yarns is to showcase and promote the wonderful variety of wool available from British sheep flocks and woollen mills. Occasionally an OOAK base may contain a mix of different fibres from different species, but my rule is at least 50% of the yarn/fibre must be wool, and everything must be produced and sourced from British wool and be manufactured in the UK.

Why no Merino?

I do not stock many Merino bases as Merino reared in the UK is extremely rare (to our knowledge there are only a few flocks in Devon) Merino wools that are classed as British have come from the Falklands Islands. While I have no issue with the classification, as I wish as a business to support farmers based in the British Isles, this is my current focus. As of December 2017 I have begun to dye a small line of single ply Falkland merino - all profits from these skeins are set aside, and will be used to have a local custom sock yarn spun.

When is the store updated?

I update the online store at least once a month (sometimes more, commitments permitting) and I send out our Newsletter once a month before the update to let you know, sign up -here- Updates will also be announced via social media. 

Ovis Yarns is a one woman show (with a little additional family support) and I also run the Ovis Yarns store at Red Brick Hangar, Liverpool and take our yarns to local and national events. Subscribers to our newsletter will also receive exclusives prizes, give-aways and discount codes.

How do I look after my yarn?

Hand dyed yarns are by their nature delicate, and even yarn that has been superwash treated can bleed or felt from time to time. However I would recommend the following:

  • Never machine wash above 30 degree, tumble dry or iron our yarn or any fabric made from Ovis yarns. Yarn that is totally unsuitable for machine washing will state it on the label. 
  • If you need to wash the yarn or fabric, gently hand wash with as little agitation as possible (unless you wish to felt it, then by all means rub and squish away) in lukewarm water with a small amount of soap (Fairy/Dawn works well) or your desired wool wash. Then dry the yarn/fabric on top of a towel on a flat surface. If you need to remove excess water, place a second towel on top of the yarn/fabric and lightly squeeze out the moisture.
  • I steam set my yarns to try and minimise bleeding and increase dye fastness.
  • Pencil rovings and single ply yarns should be treated with extra care, as the nature in which they have been produced makes them susceptible to felting.

I do not use wool washes at Ovis Yarns due to personal allergy reasons, for this reason our BFL.Mahsam blends may smell a bit "sheepy", but I believe that to be part of it's charm. 

Do you accept custom orders or can yarn be reserved?

Any yarn previewed on social media cannot be reserved, and is listed and launched on a first come first served basis. I are open to custom order requests on a case by case basis and they can be purchased here.

How will my order be shipped and which carrier do you use?

All orders are shipped via Royal Mai, if an order has not arrived within 14 days (UK) and 25 days (International) please let us know and I will ensure the issue is resolved. Unfortunately before these periods Royal Mail does not consider the package lost.

 Do you accept wholesale orders? 

Wholesale orders are available on a case by case basis - please contact sales@ovisyarns.co.uk and I can discuss your requirements. 

Do you welcome collaborations? 

I would love to collaborate with like minded people and groups. If you have a suggestion or offer then get in touch - becky@ovisyarns.co.uk